Plan to be PRODUCTIVE.

February 12, 2018

Woman planning

Hi there!

So if you've read "3 Reasons You Aren't as Productive as You Think", then you'll know that not having a plan was one of the 3 reasons mentioned. Well, I wanted to help you cultivate a plan for your week. Think of this more as a template. 

It helps to set goals for the week! What do you want to accomplish? If possible, stick with 3 big things and 3 small things. Just like you don't want to pile things in your day (because we learned, we aren't superwoman), you don't want to pile your weeks high, either. 

I'm not saying that you have to be SUPER planned and organized, but it helps to have some sort of idea to what you're doing for the week. Take a peek here.


Planner stickers

I decided to use my Cutesy Cute sticker collection. It helps me WANT to plan out my week. I usually fill in all the errands I have to run, meetings I have to attend, calls I need to make, etc. But I usually plan out my day the night before! I'll write my weekly goals on the left and schedule them out on different days!

The checkboxes are great because if you use them for the things that MUST get done, you won't have a chance to overload yourself with too many things. The to-do list at the bottom represents a list of things that don't have to get done but great if it did! 

Stickers may be a "frivolous" thing for many who don't understand them, but they are VERY useful and aid in boosting your productivity. I'll go over this more in detail in a different blog.

Planning helps you see where you can be more efficient. Choose one day of the week to be an errands day. After you drop your child off at school, do your errands it saves time, gas, and money. Not only that, but it also helps you manage your time better.

On my really productive days, I run my errands after I drop my son off at school, do the tasks around the house that I don't find all that enjoyable: kitchen, bathroom, load the washer. Then I do some business work that requires thought and precision.  All this usually happens in the morning before or during my daughter's first nap. 

In the afternoons, I typically load the dryer, sweep, vacuum, play and feed my daughter. During her second nap, I usually finish my work or take a nap (the second naps are becoming nonexistent, so this will change). Then (when time) pick up my son from school. 

In the evenings, I try my hardest not to do any work while my family is up. On occasion, I'll have to complete a project, but for the most part, the evenings are family time. I cook dinner, help my son with homework, and hang out with my husband after the children go to bed. 

Time Mystic Magnolia

If there is enough time, I'll do a bit more work before turning in, but then it is lights out! By the end of the day, I feel accomplished and productive. I spent time with my family, worked on my business, and completed tasks around the house. 

If by chance, something doesn't get completed in a day, I simply move it to the next day. No biggie. Grant it, this doesn't happen every day. If I don't plan, it doesn't get done. If I plan, my day looks a lot like what I just described.

Ultimately, I hope this example has helped you plan out your week and make some weekly goals. It's a fun way to be more productive. 

If you found this fun and helpful, feel free to share this post with a friend. If you like the stickers you saw used here, feel free to grab your bundle here and be a part of The Magnolian Tribe (our Facebook group). We have so much fun. Plus there's giveaways, flash sales, etc.

OK! I know you're busy! Happy Planning!



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