Mystic Magnolia PR - Team

Do you love the art of planning? If you naturally share the cute stickers you're excited about, then you may be interested in becoming a part of the team.


  • Use Mystic Magnolia’s products whenever possible
  • Post 2-3 times per week on personal social media on both Instagram and Facebook (you may be required to post special posts at a specific date & time).
  • Use appropriate hashtags in your posts

    You’ll have a greater chance of being selected if you can
  • Blog on your own website about our products you use (be sure to include the link to the product and have no other links or advertisement on the post)
  • Make videos on YouTube about our products
  • Creating a Pin on Pinterest about our products


  • Product Credit
  • Product discounts
  • New releases before anyone else
  • And more

(This PR team will run for 3 months: February 2020 - April 2020 and only up to 5 people will be added this go round). 

Click here to apply!