Weekly Planner

The Get It Together Planner is designed to help you do just that. Life gets so busy that sometimes you just can't keep your days, dates, and/or times straight and you need a little help keeping your tasks organized. This planner has been created to help reduce stress, get organized and achieve your life's goals.

It doesn't take much to get it together, just a little planning, fun, and inspiration. With those three things, you can conquer the world...or your day-to-day tasks if that's what you wish to do.

What you need to know about the Get it Together planner:

It measures 7" x 9" and is an undated 12-month planner ready for you to make it your own. Choose whether or not you want your budget in your planner, pick your cover, and add your name. Be sure to grab some planner stickers for added cuteness and functionality.