This full-color notepad is ready to help you get excited about your to-do list! It features a section for your top 3 tasks that must get done, a section for your nice-if-it-gets-done items, water intake, self-care box, a mental health check-in, and a word of the day to keep you motivated and aware. 

Sometimes using a planner can be a little intimidating. Other times, you need more room.  That's why having notepads can be very useful. It gives you one sheet at a time. So naturally, you focus on one day at a time. And you get to check tasks off as you go!

Something you should know about your notepad:

It's definitely smaller than the most popular planner out there, but enough room for you to write important things down (8.5 X 5.5 in dimension). 

50 sheets per notepad. (more than enough for the month). 

Oh...and the paper is super smooth. You'll love how your ballpoint pen will glide across it as you write!