Not drinking enough water? It's likely you've forgotten. It's OK. Let's do better moving forward. The simple solution is making drinking water a habit. What better way to keep track of your intake than these super cute, on-trend water trackers. Choose your favorite color combo (or grab all of them) and plan with them each week. 

How to use as a weekly tracker:
Simply place a strip on your weekly sidebar section in your favorite planner and shade in at the end of the day. Each droplet represents 8 glasses of water. 

How to use as a daily tracker:
Simply place a strip at the top of your day (signifying the level of importance). Each droplet represents a glass of water. 

Measuring at 1.5 x .35 inches, this tracker fits perfectly in most popular planners. 
And of course, the pesky disclaimer...colors may be slightly different than what's shown here, thanks to our wonderful technology, lol!